Explore the House and Land Packages for Sale in Aston Hills at Mount Barker and Make New Memories

For most of our lives, retirement is a concept that always remains just beyond the horizon. Nothing slows the passage of time, though, and eventually it's no longer just a concept — it's a rapidly approaching reality. Retirement should be a time for more than just the laying aside of work; it should be an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to reward oneself for many years of hard work. What better way to start off this new journey in life than by settling in to a new home? Not just a way to put the fruits of your labour towards something tangible, a house and the land it sits on can become a valuable asset to your family, potentially even for generations.

Our communities in Mount Barker cater for all of life’s stages. Whether you are just starting out as a young couple, raising kids, moving into a second home or settling down in your forever home – we probably have just the home you need.

Consider the opportunities available through Lanser Communities, developers with almost two decades of experience in creating safe, spacious, and welcoming new communities. With home and land packages for sale in Mount Barker to suit a range of potential needs, beginning your next life stage on the right foot is easy. What will buyers discover when they choose to purchase property here and become a part of something new? Between well-priced land for sale within Mount Barker and a focus on building communities that will thrive, you will find much to consider in our offerings (including a convenient Village centre with cafes, services and shops) .

What you'll find in Lanser home and land packages in Mount Barker

If you love the idea of a house in a well-planned development such as Aston Hills, we think you'll love the packages that include land for sale as well. Not only do you get the long-term investment of real estate, but you can choose from many builders as well. Choose the builder that has the home plans that appeal to you the most; these are all easy to browse through on the web. Details include the lot number so you can refer to its location within the development.

For those who would prefer to buy just the land and then build to suit later, that option is available too. A diverse array of allotments allows buyers to select the ideally shaped and positioned lot that best fits their goals. Overall, there is ample flexibility built into our home-buying experience. To top it all the Village Centre will provide shos, services and cafes within walking distance from your new home.

Explore available offerings and enquire soon

Overall, we think there is something for every type of buyer to enjoy within our diverse house and land packages in Mount Barker. With the ability to choose your level of construction commitment — and the advantages conferred by living in a master-planned community — the Lanser Communities team invites you to uncover more about our properties. Visit the Aston Hills display homes village, or browse the available land and homes currently available right here on our website. Have you already seen one in which you can imagine settling your family? Send us an enquiry directly through the property's page, or ring our head office on (08) 8132 1115 to learn more.