The Benefits of Buying with Lanser

Feedback from homebuyers tells us that buying a new home can be stressful, and purchasing a block of land and building your own home can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process.

At Lanser we’ve worked hard to deliver blocks of land to the market that can help simplify your decision making. Here are some reasons why…


Research & Expertise

Our team at Lanser comes from diverse professional backgrounds – from Urban Design and Town Planning to Civil Engineering and Law. Together we believe in creating vibrant communities in key locations.

To do this we work tirelessly to identify and acquire the best locations for South Australians to live and work in. This involves research into and often contribution to local infrastructure, identifying sites with good proximity to local amenities such as schools, hospitals, shops and recreational facilities, plus negotiating and planning with third parties to ensure our projects are connected to the best services.

In short – we’ve done the homework. Although we understand all homebuyers will rightly do their own research, we hope that our purchasers can rest assured that we’ve already sourced and secured the best locations and planned ahead to make each Lanser development beautiful and convenient places to live for generations to come.

Our Masterplan

As we identify ideal locations for new developments, we start masterplanning. This process looks at the bigger picture, and we apply excellence in urban design to create cohesive and convenient communities that are planned to making living simpler and less stressful.

Urban design can have a big impact on well-being, which is why our team takes the time to create plenty of connected open space, community hubs, recreational facilities and plan for amenities such as local shops and walkable conveniences.

Healthy living is a focus for each Lanser community, as we know keeping fit is often more about convenience and daily routine than anything else. When you live at a Lanser development – you’ll be able to keep fit simply by stepping outside and exploring one of our fitness loops, outdoor gyms, mountain bike trails and play spaces for young ones.

We also ensure each Lanser community has an easy commute to the city with the right infrastructure strategies and transport options available to support growth. Aston Hills enjoys direct access to the freeway via the new Bald Hills Road interchange, Clover Park also benefits from the reduced congestion this new interchange provides to Mount Barker and Virginia Grove, Freeling Estate, Aspire and Miravale all benefit from the new Northern Connector Project.

As modern family life evolves, we have also seen an increased need for convenient childcare, which is why our more recent developments have their own Early Learning Centres. Existing and planned centres on site at Virginia Grove, Aston Hills, Clover Park and Miravale make daily routines simpler for our residents knowing that their children are cared for so close to home.


Lanser is a wholly owned South Australian company, and we’re passionate about creating places to call come home that enhance the lives not only of our residents but that will enrich the lives of all South Australians.

Our commitment to excellence in urban design and town planning has seen our team win three awards from the Urban Design Institute of Australia. Freeling Estate, Aspire at Evanston South and Virginia Grove by Lanser have all been the recipients of prestigious awards from the UDIA.

Driven by lifestyle-led outcomes – our team is always exploring new design solutions to help improve quality of life and connectivity, develop sustainably and enhance the natural beauty of our State.


Here to help

As a local company, our team is always here to help. Staff are happy to take calls or meet you on-site to help you make the most of your new block when siting your home, following Urban Design Guidelines, or just getting some support through the buying process. We take pride in all of our developments, and our team are here to help answer questions and support the community once you’ve moved in.

To get in touch with the Lanser team please call (08) 8132 1115 or email



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