The Great Outdoors

One thing that most Australians are appreciating now more than ever is time in the great outdoors. Footpaths around the nation are heaving with people enjoying fresh air and exercise – a phenomenon known to the experts as green exercise. We explore the psychology of exercising outdoors, and why green exercise is at the heart of the design of every Lanser community… 

In our busy pre-Covid19 lives a rushed trip to the gym or pilates class inbetween meetings was, for many of us, the extent of our exercise regime. However as more of us are now home with cancelled plans and no access to gyms, the nation has taken to looking forward to their outdoor activity each day with runs, walks and bike rides in the great outdoors.

More South Australians have been enjoying exercise in nature. Pictured: the Adventure Trail Park at Aston Hills, Mount Barker.

Footpaths all over Australia are alive with people enjoying fresh air and endorphins in the natural environment, which is known in research circles as green exercise. This term, coined by psychologists and wellbeing experts, was brought about to describe the dual benefits of exercise undertaken outside.

While being outdoors in nature and exercising both individually can enhance your mood, combining both activities has been proven to have positive effect on both mental and physical well being. Green exercise has been shown to reduce stress and increase the ability to cope with stress, reduce mental fatigue and improve concentration. 

Enjoying a family walk at the Laratinga Wetlands in Mount Barker

Lanser is a South Australian developer who has good design and wellbeing at the heart of everything they do. This is why the team at Lanser has been committed to creating opportunities for green exercise within their masterplanned communities for many years.

Lanser’s outdoor fitness facilities at Virginia Grove

Aston Hills at Mount Barker is home to a network of fitness trails, the Aston Hills Golf Club, and outdoor gym plus a dedicated mountain bike Adventure Trail Park, while Virginia Grove can boast bespoke outdoor fitness equipment, a network of fitness trails plus plans for a kickabout area, basketball key and pump track. At every Lanser community, these healthy facilities have been planned for and incorporated into our planning from the inception of each development.

Designed in a way to bring community together, these open spaces provide the perfect opportunity to continue enjoying your daily dose of green exercise as our Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease. 

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