4 Reasons Living in Adelaide’s New North Is Booming

March 01, 2019

With big changes happening in Adelaide’s Northern regions, it’s an exciting time to build your dream home near some of the largest investment the state has ever seen… The New…

What is Passive Design & How Does It Save You Money?

February 06, 2019

Image: Gallery Living – Picasso 235 Australia has always had a climate of extremes – requiring expensive heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature. 40% of the energy costs…

Home Loan Definitions for First Home Buyers

November 28, 2018

There is an overwhelming amount of home loan types available on the market for first home buyers. Understanding the definitions of loan types is a key component to finding what…

What to know before picking a House & Land Package


Purchasing a House & Land Package has become a popular option for buyers looking to enter the property market in Australia. Having to only deal with a single contract, less…

Buying a House in the Adelaide Hills: a Guide


Imagine waking up in the beautiful Adelaide Hills every day… With room for your family to grow, stunning scenery and easy commutes, more and more families are making a tree…

Here’s Why It’s Now Easier to Get A Loan (Without the Banking Jargon)


With a royal commission, elections and an uncertain eastern-state housing market last year, many new homebuyers were left uncertain whether it was the right time to enter the property market….

5 Reasons Families are Upsizing to the Adelaide Hills


Despite the trend towards urban density and smaller lots – more and more families are bucking the trend and moving to the Hills for larger blocks so they can build…

The Benefits of Buying with Lanser


Feedback from homebuyers tells us that buying a new home can be stressful, and purchasing a block of land and building your own home can sometimes feel like an overwhelming…

What is the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme?


With a Royal Banking Commission in 2019, many first home buyers found securing finance to get into the market harder than ever. To assist buyers to purchase their first home…

Why Buying a Home and Land Package Can Make Your Life Easier.


No doubt the process of buying your first home let alone building it is a daunting thought for most. Established sellers often favor buyers who have hard cash at the…

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