Conditional vs Unconditional Offers

August 13, 2020

On the day of land releases, priority is often given to “unconditional” offers. But what does this mean? We break down the differences between “conditional” and “unconditional” contracts to help…

Friends to Neighbours…

May 28, 2020

As we launch our Friends to Neighbours referral program – we sat down with Megan and Tina who have already lived the friends to neighbours experience at Aston Hills. We…

What has living and working from home taught us?

May 14, 2020

As more of us are living, working and schooling at home – what have we learned about the spaces we are living in? Above all, we have learned that our…

The Great Outdoors


One thing that most Australians are appreciating now more than ever is time in the great outdoors. Footpaths around the nation are heaving with people enjoying fresh air and exercise…

More space – more sanity?


As more of us are working and schooling from home, the design of our homes has become all important. A lot of us are dreaming of more space. But what…

What is the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme?


With a Royal Banking Commission in 2019, many first home buyers found securing finance to get into the market harder than ever. To assist buyers to purchase their first home…

Why Buying a Home and Land Package Can Make Your Life Easier.


No doubt the process of buying your first home let alone building it is a daunting thought for most. Established sellers often favor buyers who have hard cash at the…

Here’s Why It’s Now Easier to Get A Loan (Without the Banking Jargon)


With a royal commission, elections and an uncertain eastern-state housing market last year, many new homebuyers were left uncertain whether it was the right time to enter the property market….

How to Survive and Thrive While Building a New Home


Building your dream home is meant to be like… a dream. Right? Sometimes the reality of building your dream home can feel frustrating. With so many decisions to make and…

4 Reasons Living in Adelaide’s New North Is Booming


With big changes happening in Adelaide’s Northern regions, it’s an exciting time to build your dream home near some of the largest investment the state has ever seen… The New…

What is Passive Design & How Does It Save You Money?


Image: Gallery Living – Picasso 235 Australia has always had a climate of extremes – requiring expensive heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature. 40% of the energy costs…

Home Loan Approval Checklist


On your journey to securing a home loan, look at finance pre-approval options with your mortgage broker as it will help you understand what you can afford. Part of this process is…

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