Lanser Communities designs developments to suit all kinds of property owners from first home buyers to growing families, retirees and investors alike. From seasoned to first time property investors, these tips should help to give you the confidence to make your vision come to life. Investing with Lanser 1. WHERE TO INVEST Look for a growing neighbourhood with access to existing or planned infrastructure, good schools, shops and proximity to transport. At Lanser Communities, we’ve done a lot of the groundwork as we select locations for our communities based on their strong potential for growth. 2. FIND AN ACCOUNTANT Find an accountant who can discuss depreciation schedules and stamp duty with you before you decide on buying a new versus existing home. When buying and building, you will generally only pay stamp duty on the land rather than both the land plus house when buying an existing home. 3. ASK A LOCAL AGENT Ask a local agent to do a proposed rental estimation on your potential property. This way, you can get a sound understanding of the realistic rental income you should be able to achieve. 4. DON’T GET CAUGHT UP If you are time poor, look for a turnkey home or house and land package where a lot of the important decisions have already been made for you. 5. DO YOUR HOMEWORK Visit the neighbourhood you’re looking to invest in and do some research on the area or the developer creating the community you’re looking at. Lanser Communities is an experienced, privately owned and award-winning land developer based in South Australia. We have been developing communities since 1999 and have a large selection of home and land products ideal for property investors. For more information, contact Luke Biggs from Lanser Realty on 0417 080 604. 14 LANSER COMMUNITIES