It’s Easy Being Green Indoor plants are the easiest on-trend way to liven up a room. Here are our top tips on keeping them bright and healthy. TOO MUCH TO DRINK? Often the quickest way to kill your humble house plant may be to overwater it. Always keep indoor plants in a container with drainage holes in the bottom. This can be placed inside your indoor pots, and removed to water the plant in the bath or laundry sink where the plant can fully drain before replacing it in the ornamental pot. HERE COMES THE SUN! Indoor plants love filtered sunlight, so find a nice spot in your home that isn’t too hot or too dark for your plant to live. Check your plant’s requirements and find a spot it will love. BOOST To give your plants a boost, give them a drink of soda water or the cooled water left over from boiling eggs. The nutrients and minerals will hydrate your plant. FORGET ME NOT! Schedule a weekly 10 min appointment with your indoor plants into your calendar, that way you won’t forget to water them and give them lots of TLC! MAINTENANCE Just like furniture, your indoor plants collect dust. Use a soft, damp cloth to dust and wipe them clean once or pop them outdoors when it rains for a nice shower! GARDENING TIP To find out whether your plant needs- a drink, dig your finger 5cm down- into the soil, if it’s dry then give your- plant a good drink!- 5 SPRING 2017 HOME + LAND MAGAZINE