W e all dream of living in a community where the local barista remembers our order, car parking at the local shops is stress free, children can walk to school and fitness trails loop from our home through acres of naturally beautiful parks and reserves. Building on the much-loved notion of traditional village living, Aston Hills in Mount Barker has been masterplanned from the outset around the idea of a modern and connected hills community. Inspired by creating a contemporary lifestyle in a scenic setting, Jason Green - Managing Director of Lanser Communities - has been planning Aston Hills for over 6 years. An Urban Planner by trade, Green is gratified to see his vision taking shape. Driven by attention to detail and striving to improve the way we live, his disciplined and thoughtful approach to creating innovative communities is coming to life at Aston Hills. ‘Masterplanning is the design process we go through to ensure new communities like Aston Hills can offer an easier, new and improved lifestyle for the future. We’ve planned for all types of activities like living, recreation, shopping and education to all be convenient for families living here. Designed with a strong sense of identity and community, we’ve planned Aston Hills to be an attractive and convenient place to live for many generations to come.’ A sense of connection to the community has proved to be paramount to quality of life and well-being, and the masterplan at Aston Hills represents an innovative leap in hills living. Encouraging not only connectivity with neighbours but also to nature, play spaces and recreation areas have been planned for all age groups. 9 SPRING 2017 HOME + LAND MAGAZINE