Buying Process

Where to start

Buying or building a home is an important investment of your time and money. This simple step-by-step guide covers all of the important questions you may have to help you make the right decisions, from choosing your block of land, exploring your finance options, siting your home to suit your family’s lifestyle, and the magic day you get to move in.

Where do I want to live

The following questions will help you decide the kind of lifestyle and location is important to you and your family:

  • Do I want to live in a vibrant community with like-minded families, close to a shopping precinct and essential services?
  • Do I need to be close to local schools?
  • Is it important to me that my investment will be protected by Urban Design Guidelines?
  • Are landscaped local parks, play spaces and fitness and leisure trails essential for our lifestyle?

Buy or build

These days there are many different ways to build your own home, from brand new stock homes to turnkey products, house and land packages or a custom home built just for you. At Lanser you have several options, each with their own unique advantages – for inspiration visit our house & land page.

Buy land + build
If you decide to build your own house, you have the unique opportunity to build a home that can help simplify your daily routine, take advantage of site specific views and natural light, reflect your character and personality and maximise the flow and efficiency of your floorplan.
Once you purchase the perfect block, you have 18 months to commence construction. This gives you time to select the right design, and refine the plans. This flexibility is rewarding if you have a clear idea of what you’re after, but can also be overwhelming if you’re building for the first time.
House + land package
To simplify the building process, house and land packages can help lock down a completion date and a fixed budget with your builder. It is also a fantastic place to start when exploring what can be achieved on a particular budget and different sized allotments.
At all Lanser’s communities, you can build with any builder you choose and all of SA’s leading home builder can put together a variety of house and land packages for you based on the home design you love and a selection of different blocks.
When building a house and land package, you will generally be able to select the finishes inside and out for your new home and make design changes without the number of choices and decisions to be made being overwhelming. Turnkey homes are special house and land packages that generally include everything you need to move in straight away, including landscaping, paving and lighting.
Buying a stock home

If you want a fast or fuss-free way to buy a brand new home, then a stock or ‘spec’ home is for you. Stock homes are built to be sold straight away and can be bought off the plan, near completion or already built. Turnkey packages are special stock homes that generally include everything you need to move in straight away, including landscaping, paving and lighting. When buying a stock home it is also possible to take advantage of off-the-plan stamp duty savings.

What style works for me?

Living spaces can have an important influence on our daily lives. By selecting your dream home you have the opportunity to simplify your daily routine, take advantage of site specific views and natural light, reflect the character and personality of your family, and maximise the flow and efficiency of your floorplan.

Some important questions to ask yourself are:

  • What rooms in your current home are under utilised and/or most used?
  • Do you enjoy maintaining a garden or do you prefer a low maintenance lifestyle?
  • Do you need a big backyard?
How do you spend your time at home:
  • Do you entertain a lot?
  • Work from home?
  • Watch a lot of films?
Whether you’re looking for a big traditional family home, a low-maintenance terrace home, a modern townhouse with a home office or a home that’s perfect for entertaining, Lanser has plenty of options to choose from.

Our sales staff can help you to narrow down exactly what it is you need, and how you can fit those requirements on to a specific block of land. For inspiration, visit our house and land page.

Buying your own home

What can I afford?

Whatever your budget, it’s always good to start looking for a home with a figure in mind. Use our mortgage calculator or speak to a mortgage broker about what you can spend (if you don’t have a mortgage broker in mind, we can recommend one).

Government Grants and Bonuses

If you’re buying or building a home in South Australia you might be eligible for one of the following government grants:
First Home Owner Grant
Seniors Housing Grant
Select your land

Whether you’re building a custom home or a house and land package, the next step is choosing the right block of land for your new home. Our experienced sales staff can guide you through this process, and help you to secure your chosen block.


Our experienced sales staff can help guide you through the pre to post-purchase process from selecting a block and a builder to explaining the Urban Design Guidelines, helping you complete the contract and getting you over any hurdles along the way.

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