20 Years of Lanser Creating South Australian Communities

Lanser is always looking forward. And when you’re busy planning for the future, you often don’t find the time to reflect on the past.

2020 represents 20 years in business for Lanser, and milestones like these give us the opportunity to reflect on how our business has grown and how we want it to evolve.

We’re proud of the privilege we’ve had to help shape the urban landscape of South Australia over the last two decades. We design and create places that people call home; places where people make friends and raise families; places where communities and lifelong memories are made. 

As a team, we are committed to creating spaces that are better by design. Our company is always growing, and we’re proud to share our new branding as we celebrate 20 years in business. 

As we move forward with our new branding we hope it embodies our commitment to thoughtful design, precise planning and outstanding outcomes.


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