BYOB – Bring your own Builder

At all Lanser developments you are free to BYOB. Bringing your own builder means you can get the home and the address of your dreams!

Building your own home is a dream come true. From flooring and the front door to tapware and a tailored floorplan, each detail in your home is uniquely yours. That’s why at Lanser, you are free to bring your own builder to your block.

With this freedom to build with a builder of your choice, our team at Lanser can help you match your perfect home design with your perfect address. All of our locations have been masterplanned to offer beautiful streetscapes, convenience to shops and schools, connected open spaces and fitness facilities to make your busy lifestyle even better. 

At Lanser developments you can design your home with the builder of your choice. This is the Springfield Hamptons design by Rossdale Homes.

This means that while you are designing your new home – you don’t need to worry about the big picture. We’ve already planned your new address to make sure everything you need is in place!

We also have Urban Design Guidelines at each Lanser Development to protect your investment and ensure a high level of building and design quality for each home. This means that every home in your new neighbourhood will have been approved by the Lanser encumbrance team, and will meet our design standards alongside local council approvals.

These guidelines are in place to help give you not only the freedom to build with a builder of your choice, but the confidence to know that streetscapes at each Lanser development will meet your expectations.

So what are you waiting for? Let our Land Consultants help you match your chosen home design to the perfect block today…


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