How to Survive and Thrive While Building a New Home

Building your dream home is meant to be like… a dream. Right?

Sometimes the reality of building your dream home can feel frustrating. With so many decisions to make and delays that can arise along the way, sometimes you can forget why you wanted to build your own home in the first place.

Here are our top 4 tips on how to stay motivated while building your dream home!

Stay focussed

Whether you write a list or put together a vision board of the reasons you are building, remember why you’re doing this. What motivated you to build your own home? More storage? A brand new kitchen? A luxe home theatre or play room? Keep coming back to your motivation and visualise yourself using that storage or play room one day soon!

Celebrate the small milestones

Remember to take plenty of progress photos and celebrate your building milestones! Grab a gazebo and an esky and throw a slab party once your slab is poured, or pop a bottle of bubbly once the roof goes on


A problem shared is a problem halved. Plenty of people have built homes and lived to tell the tale – connect with friends, family or new neighbours about the journey you’re on. Many of your friends will have encountered similar problems and will have great advice. If you’re building at a Lanser community, our team is also here to answer any questions you might have. You’re not alone

Stay organised!

Being disorganised can cause more stress as each time you need to refer to a plan or a contract it will help if you have everything handy. Stay in communication with your builders and visit your block regularly to see the progress made. Keep an organised file of all your documentation and respond to issues promptly if and when they arise.

If you’re building at a Lanser community – our team is always here to help. Call us on (08) 8132 1115.


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