Why Pick a Turnkey House as a First Home Buyer?

The term Turnkey Home is something you are bound to come across if you are researching real estate listings online. Turnkey implies exactly what it is – as soon as building is finished you are able to turn the key in the front door and start living straight away, no constructing, add-ons or painting required.

Forget finding a block of land and then researching builders, Turnkey packages are fixed price meaning that the property developer and builder do all the work for you in a neat package ready to buy.


Know What You Are Buying

The big advantage of a Turnkey home is that there are no surprises – often there will be a display home with the exact furnishings, fixtures, features and layout available for you to explore and experience. This allows any questions or concerns you have to be addressed before committing to anything.


Fixed Price

If you have ever looked at building a home you know that budgeting can be difficult. Unexpected issues can arise, builders adding site costs or charging extra for inclusions can make it an expensive endeavor. Buying Turnkey can remove this added stress and provide you with a financial guarantee of what you are purchasing without any nasty surprises.


Professionally Designed Inside and Out

Designing and furnishing a home with a consistent style can be a drain on your budget and impossible if you don’t have good taste. A lot of thought goes into the aesthetics of a turnkey home, builders hire professional designers to ensure that the look and feel of the home follow the latest popular design trends.


Why You Should Choose Lanser’s Turnkey Solutions

At Lanser we offer Turnkey Solutions in our estates to take the hard work out of getting you into your first home. Our turnkey products are all-inclusive and designed by trusted builders, meaning you get a comprehensive package at a fixed price including:

  • Appliances
  • Flooring Throughout
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Fencing
  • Paving and Landscaping
  • Letterbox & Clothesline
  • NBN Provision
  • Built-in Wardrobes
  • Automatic Garage Door

Explore Lanser’s Turnkey Solutions

Aston Hills at Mount Barker

Virginia Grove

Aspire at Evanston South


Or to find out more Lanser’s turnkey solutions in South Australia talk to us today on (08) 8132 1115 or admin@lanser.com.au


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