More space – more sanity?

As more of us are working and schooling from home, the design of our homes has become all important. A lot of us are dreaming of more space. But what if what you need isn’t more space, but just smarter design?

We’re all feeling the importance of space right now. With changing physical distancing measures altering the way we’re living, the design of our homes is having an important impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

As more of us are working and learning from home, we’re understanding that our homes are more important now than ever…

Homes are a combination of form and function. We want them to look stylish and be comfortable as well as be built in a way to create efficiencies and joy in the way we live. Floorplan functionality underpins our lifestyle and the way our homes function.

As we’re staying home, many of us are dreaming of more space… bigger homes with more features.

But what if what you need isn’t more space, but smarter design? 

Maybe what you need is not more space, but a smarter home design?

Lanser is a South Australian developer who believes in the importance of good design. We believe in creating places to live – both big and small – that can enhance wellbeing.

If you’re dreaming of more outside space, a home office, a study nook for the children or even space for a home gym you don’t necessarily need a bigger home, you might just need a smarter one. 

Many of Adelaide’s best builders can help you to repurpose their floorplans to your needs. Many of them can create bespoke designs and features to suit your lifestyle, using space-saving efficiencies to make the most of your block of land.

Being connected to nature can enhance our wellbeing…

With interest rates lower than ever, now is an optimal time to build the new home you’ve been dreaming of. If you visit one of our sales offices with a list of the home features you’re looking for, Lanser staff can help you to locate the best block of land to build a smart home with an intelligent design and a floorplan that you’ll love.

For more information about making a Lanser community home, call us on (08) 8132 1115.


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