Choosing the Right Builder for Your New Home

At Lanser’s Communities, we have made choosing a builder easy by partnering with the best local and national builders, bringing the latest quality designs to our Display Villages.

Visiting one of our Display Villages to see the handywork of each builder is the most practical way to meet builders and find which ones align with your building aspirations.

The Master Builders Association of South Australia (MBASA) is a great resource when researching – CEO Rob Stewart, offers some questions to ask yourself when researching builders.


What is their Reputation?

Actions speak louder than words, many builders have an excellent pitch however their local reputation speaks true to the quality of their work. First and foremost, speak to people you know who have built, family, friends and colleagues. Discuss their experiences with builders; word-of-mouth is the best indicator of what your outcome will be.

There is no shortage of disgruntled customers online. Make sure you read online reviews, comparing which builders have left a good or bad impression from their past projects. Ensure you read favorable reviews also – to get the full picture.

Ask for references from a potential builder and examples of recent projects they have completed. If they have pride in their end result they should have no problem sharing this with you.

How Well do They Communicate?

Confidence in your builder is key, after you met them reflect whether they answered your questions comprehensively, whether you had a good rapport and if they seem as if they will be easy to work with through your relationship.

Make sure that any quote that a builder provides you are complete, comprehensive and includes all provisional costs.

Are They Qualified?

Simply put, you will want to ensure any builder you decide to work with is appropriately licensed and qualified with the appropriate insurances. If you want to be assured, you can confirm these details with either Consumer & Business Services or the Master Builders Association of South Australia

Due to South Australian regulations, all home builders who enter into a building contract require approval under the Development Act and are required to take out Building Indemnity Insurance on behalf of the homeowner.

If you are building a new home you should speak to builders who specialize in the kind of home that you want to build. For example, a builder that is excellent at building townhomes may not be able to deliver a 5-bedroom house to the level of quality you are expecting.


Talk to one of our Sales Representatives in our Display Villages and they can direct you to a trusted builder who will help you build your dream home. Contact Lanser to find out more information on builders in our communities.


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