Why a Great Neighbourhood Could Be Key to Long Term Happiness

Could a great neighbourhood be key to long term happiness?

We’re thrilled to share this feature article from The Advertiser about urban planning and its connection to wellbeing and for Lanser’s communities to be used as the case study as we continue to build strong, well connected neighbourhoods for our residents.

Lanser believes that good urban design can help to create strong and connected communities. As we help to shape South Australia – we always strive for our communities to be ‘better by design’.

“We’ve learned a lot about the power and strength of a connected community,” said Nick Tebbey, CEO of Relationships Australia. He explained research from Relationships Australia and ANU shows that no matter your age or socioeconomic status, close relationships with your neighbours improve wellbeing.

Siobhan Robertson, a resident of Aston Hills said that neighbourliness “is one of her favourite things about living in Aston Hills”.

Read more about why our residents love living in Lanser communities, and how our communities are better for your long term happiness in the article here.


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