Friends to Neighbours Terms & Conditions

  • Each referral must involve two individual participants – a referrer (A) and a referee (B) – from two individual households. Participants in the referral program cannot refer themselves.  
  • If a referee (B) is referred by multiple referrers (A), only one referrer (A) would be eligible for this promotion.  
  • Individual referrers (A) are eligible for a $500 EFTPOS card for each successful qualified referee (B). Referrers (A) may refer multiple qualified referees (B) and will receive a $500 EFTPOS card for each successful referral. Qualified referees (B) are eligible for a $500 EFTPOS card in accordance with these terms and conditions. 
  • To be eligible for this promotion, the referrer (A) must have purchased land or built-form within a Lanser community directly from Lanser and either settled said purchase or entered into a contract and paid the full deposit required at the time of referral. 
  • The referrer (A) is required to have purchased from Lanser directly for this offer to be valid. 
  • Qualified referees (B) must not be on the Lanser customer database at the time of the referral or be an existing Lanser customer. 
  • Qualified referees (B) must register and provide valid contact information. 
  • Any qualified referee (B) can only be referred once and only one referral per referred household applies. 
  • The qualified referee (B) must purchase from Lanser directly within six months of date of referral for the offer to remain valid. 
  • This promotion is not valid with any other concurrent referral programs through third-parties. 
  • This offer is subject to the settlement of both the referrer (A) and referee (B) allotments. Both settlements must take place as per Lanser Realty contractual agreements. 
  • The qualified referrer (A) will receive a $500 EFTPOS gift card that must be obtained from Lanser’s head office. 
  • The qualified referree (B) will receive a $500 EFTPOS gift card that must be obtained from Lanser’s head office.  
  • It is the responsibility of the referrer (A) and the referee (B) to both contact Lanser via email or phone (08) 8132 1115 once both the referrer (A) and referee (B) allotments are settled to claim this offer.  
  • EFTPOS cards are to be collected within 6 months from the date of the most recent settlement (referrer or referee allotment).  
  • Lanser reserves the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to deny or modify referrals as deemed fair and appropriate. 
  • This offer is not available in combination with any other offers or promotions from Lanser Communities Pty Ltd or Lanser Realty Pty Ltd. 
  • Participation in the Resident Rewards Program constitutes acceptance of the following additional terms and conditions:

    a) As a participant in the Resident Rewards Program, you agree to provide Lanser with promotional collateral, which may include but is not limited to photographs, videos, testimonials or survey responses (“Promotional Materials”). These Promotional Materials may be used by Lanser for marketing and promotional purposes related to the Resident Rewards Program and its associated communities.

    b) You acknowledge that Lanser may use the Promotional Materials in its sole discretion and that you will not be entitled to any compensation or consideration for their use. Additionally, you understand that providing the Promotional Materials does not guarantee the inclusion of any specific content in Lanser’s marketing materials.


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